☆ Very popular select course ☆☆☆☆

☆ Very popular select course ☆☆☆☆. 3 dishes to choose from per person + all-you-can-eat potatoes + 64 kinds of all-you-can-drink drinks All included for 3,500 yen per person (including tax), an overwhelmingly economical course♪ Please take this opportunity to try it☆☆♪Special Select Menu★ Yellowtail and Salmon Yukke Style Seared Mackerel Keema Curry Pizza Bongole Udon Margherita Teppan Grilled Chicken Special Fried Chicken Teppan Kalbi Yakiniku Thinly Thinly Thin Meat Garlic Rice Seafood Pure Tofu Jigae Thick Carbonara Kishimen Private rooms are available, so early reservation is recommended! Early reservation is recommended! Izakaya Doma Doma Shin-Yokohama